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Current and historical information about the bishops and dioceses of the catholic hierarchy around the world.

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Sul sito ufficiale della santa sede è possibile consultare: il magistero dei sommi pontefici (da papa leone xiii a papa francesco); i testi fondamentali del cattolicesimo in varie lingue (la sacra bibbia, il catechismo della chiesa cattolica, i documenti del concilio vaticano ii ed il codice di diritto canonico); documenti dei dicasteri, degli organismi e delle istituzioni della curia romana.

World's catholic library. find saints, prayers, bible, daily readings, catholic news and everything catholic.

A chief provider and curator of catholic information on the web since 1996. our editorial voice, always faithful to the teachings of the church, assists and inspires catholic clergy and laity.

The largest catholic website in the world

Search the most complete and accurate catholic directory church finder. find mass times, churches, diocese, schools, missions, orders, parishes.

The united states conference of catholic bishops (usccb) is a national membership organization drawing bishops together to promote the greater good of the catholic church.

Agenzia fides: organo di informazione delle pontificie opere missionarie dal 1927

His church. our experience. the official publication for the archdiocese of denver and the largest catholic magazine in colorado.

Rome reports está especializada en el papa y el vaticano y proporciona contenidos como noticias, entrevistas, imágenes, vídeos y documentales de alta calidad.

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